S2E5 Electrification: The Smart Home Upgrade

Episode 5 December 21, 2022 00:57:04
S2E5 Electrification: The Smart Home Upgrade
Earthlings Podcast
S2E5 Electrification: The Smart Home Upgrade

Dec 21 2022 | 00:57:04


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Christian Roselund Lisa Ann Pinkerton

Show Notes

The home of the future is electric and dynamic. In this episode, we look at the how-to of smart home electrification and the integrations coming to maximize the transformation from the ordinary home to a live-in power plant. And we explore how the US federal government is providing incentives for home upgrades like heat pumps and induction stoves, 

With our guests, we examine how homes are moving to a future of generating their own power, storing it and selling it to their neighbor or back to the grid. This includes an exploration of how car owners can get paid to provide grid services using their batteries. And in this winter of skyrocketing oil and gas prices, we bring a pathway to significantly save on energy costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, mitigating the risk of blackouts, and more. Without leaving your front door.

In this episode, our guests include: 


IRA Savings Calculator 


Rewiring America
Lumin Energy 
Fermata Energy 

Thanks to Yan Mora and Eduardo Prosperi for audio editing.

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