S2E4 Chilling Out Urban Mobility

Episode 4 November 16, 2022 01:03:53
S2E4 Chilling Out Urban Mobility
Earthlings 2.0
S2E4 Chilling Out Urban Mobility

Nov 16 2022 | 01:03:53


Hosted By

Lisa Ann Pinkerton

Show Notes

E-bikes, e-scooters, and other forms of micromobility are changing how we get around cities and cities. In this episode, we examine multiple angles of this change to smaller, more efficient forms of transportation, looking at the benefits to individual riders and how and why we can change cities to allow people to meet their travel needs more efficiently. We also explore the danger of fires from today’s lithium-ion batteries and new chemistry that could make micromobility safer. 

In this episode, our guests include: 


The Equitable Commute Project 
The Banality of Joyfulness (in Transportation) by Carlos Pardo
Lithium-titanate could prove the new driver of micromobility by Charlie Welch
How to Prevent an E-Bike Fire (Consumer Reports)


Electric Avenue 
New Urban Mobility Alliance


Thanks to audio editors Yan Mora and Eduardo Prosperi, and special thanks to Zachary Subin of RMI for research support.

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