S1E6 To Nuclear or Not

Episode 6 March 18, 2022 01:05:40
S1E6 To Nuclear or Not
Earthlings 2.0
S1E6 To Nuclear or Not

Mar 18 2022 | 01:05:40


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Lisa Ann Pinkerton

Show Notes

Nuclear power - the question we come to as a society time and time again. Do we keep it? Get rid of it? Build more? Do the benefits outweigh the challenges, costs, and risks? To tackle these questions and more are hosts Lisa Ann and Christian speak with three experts in the field of nuclear energy, Dr. Jessica Lovering of the Good Energy Collective, MV Ramana of the University of British Columbia, and Chris Vlahoplus formerly of Scott Maddan's energy practice.

Dr. Jessica Lovering is co-founder and co-executive director of the Good Energies Collective. MV Ramana is a physicist and a professor at the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, University of British Columbia. Chris Vlahoplus is a former management consultant to the energy industry, specifically in the area of nuclear.

About the show:

The Earthlings Podcast explores the technology and social challenges and opportunities facing us in the 21st century, and what knowledge we have to make the best decisions for tomorrow. Co-host Lisa Ann Pinkerton is a former award-winning NPR and PBS environmental science reporter, now providing startups with public relations support at Technica Communications and leading Women in Cleantech & Sustainability. Co-Host Christian Roseland is a self-described energy wonk, analyst, and founding editor of PV Magazine USA. 

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