S1E3 Coming Down From the Oil High

Episode 3 January 18, 2022 00:58:56
S1E3 Coming Down From the Oil High
Earthlings 2.0
S1E3 Coming Down From the Oil High

Jan 18 2022 | 00:58:56


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Lisa Ann Pinkerton

Show Notes

The oil and gas industry is powerful but not invulnerable, and faces an existential threat. In this episode, we talk with a leading energy writer about the future of global oil markets, and what this means for all of us.

Welcome to the Earthlings podcast, where we talk about the big issues facing humanity in the early 21st century. In today’s episode, hosts Lisa Ann Pinkerton and Christian Roselund interview Gregor Macdonald, the author of Oil Fall. Gregor cuts through the noise of short-term market fluctuations to talk about the big trends that are shaping global demand for oil, what the coming plateau of demand means, and what we can do to cut fossil fuel use now.

About Our Guest:

Gregor Macdonald is a freelance journalist who covers cities, climate, and energy—as well as a former oil trader. His work has appeared in Nature, The Economist Intelligence Unit, The Harvard Business Review, Next City, Atlantic Media’s Route Fifty, The Petroleum Economist, PV Magazine, and Talking Points Memo.

Talking Points:


Oil Fall

The Gregor Letter

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