S1E1 Energy Predictions Are Hard

Episode 1 December 14, 2021 00:42:49
S1E1 Energy Predictions Are Hard
Earthlings Podcast
S1E1 Energy Predictions Are Hard

Dec 14 2021 | 00:42:49


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Christian Roselund Lisa Ann Pinkerton

Show Notes

What we can know, what we can't, and what is possible in the future of energy.

Welcome to the first episode of the Earthlings podcast, where we’ll talk about all of the decisions that we’ll have to make to ensure that the future we have is one we want to live in. Hosts Lisa Ann Pinkerton (former award-winning NPR and PBS environmental science reporter) and Christian Roseland (founding editor of PV Magazine USA) take a close look at our relationships with technology, science, the planet, and each other. Today’s focus is an in depth look at our relationships with energy. What do we know? What can’t we know? What can we do to have a stable, livable climate so we can all have a prosperous future? 

The inaugural guests on today’s episode are Jenny Chase, Rick O’Connell, and Anna Ebers Broughel. Jenny is head of solar analysis at Bloomberg New Energy Finance. She is also the author of the book, Solar Finance Without the Jargon. Rick is the executive director of GridLab. Rick and GridLab did a report with the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley. Anna works for the US Department of Energy as a statistician and as an energy economist at Terra Tech. All three of our guests bring their unique perspectives on the different aspects of energy predictions.

Talking Points:


Solar Finance Without the Jargon, by Jenny Chase

IPCC Report


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